About Us

Walter AEC is a part of Walter Sar Group AB, a Swedish-Bosnian company founded in 2011.

The future belongs to those who initiate innovation, inspire transformation, encourage collaboration and invest in education.

We accept changes as we are constantly learning new things, gaining new experiences and connecting with new people. We are innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers, working with our clients to find opportunities inside the actual challenges.

We believe that real innovation can only happen when people of different professions and different perspectives are gathered together.

We have started removing the borders between three key categories


Continuous development of our products, services and technology to be used for the benefit of our clients, our employees and the environment.


Putting our clients first by offering a unique, personalized service tailored to their needs and requirements.


We stick to our clients, becoming an integral part of their teams and making ourselves accessible for all the tasks related to their final success and prosperity.

Our mission

We are a group of talented engineers who are passionate about one thing – contributing to the sustainable development and maintenance of the world’s buildings. We strive to provide innovative BIM-based solutions to the building, construction and real estate industry.

Our philosophy

“Breaking boundaries” has become our philosophy, not only towards our clients. It is the leading idea behind our corporate culture. We realized that only extraordinary work can diminish boundaries between industry and technology. We see client’s challenges as our opportunities to excel and contribute to the industry’s sustainable progress.

We incite teamwork! Our teams consisting of various-trade engineers contribute to project clear vision. We encourage each individual to reach full potential while providing the best service to our client. Our work processes are transparent, they encourage all to think, work, learn and prosper without any boundaries and constraints.