BIM and Video Mapping of National Museum

The project’s goal was a conversion of historical building into BIM model in order to preserve the historical data for appropriate maintenance during its life cycle.

Walter’s tasks were the following:

  • To collect and analyze all available data related to the National Museum of BiH, which includes 2D CAD drawings, 3D Graphic Models, pictures etc.
  • To collect measurement data by on-site surveying – taking measures of missing dimensions and documenting characteristics of both exterior and interior elements
  • To develop a working and accurate BIM model by using collaborative BIM techniques, which was used for a graphical video mapping presentation during the opening event of the Days of Architecture Festival on 17 May 2017.

In cooperation with the Days of Architecture, our company has actively participated in the so-called BIM mapping of the city of Sarajevo for the last few years. After mapping the Sarajevo History Museum in 2015 Walter has already digitized Sarajevo Historical Museum and the Sarajevo City Hall.

Due to the large size of the project, the construction has been divided among the BIM modeling team. As the Museum’s building complex consists of four pavilions, the workload has been divided between three team members, each working on a specific part of the complex.

The main challenge was to provide the BIM modeling team with accurate data. The existing CAD drawings were created with few collision problems, which required the team to do on-site measurements of each building, both recording the interior and exterior dimensions of elements.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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5.285 m²
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