Edsberg Castle

Edsberg Castle, located by the bay of Edsviken in Sollentuna Municipality, was originally built around 1630, but the current building dates from 1760 when the old wooden structure was replaced with the stone building that is in use today. Today, the castle, built in simplified French rococo style, is a home to Edsbergs Musikinstitut – a division of the Royal College of Music, as well as a venue for various cultural activities and events and, is managed by Sollentuna Kommunfastigheter.

In order to obtain full control of building information, and documentation for future renovations, the client ordered a BIM model that would be based on laser survey data, as the most efficient and most accurate method of data acquisition.

Walter was assigned by SWG Nordic AB with modelling this historical building, at the medium level of detail (SWG’s LOD 200). After successful completion, the georeferenced model was populated with information about all spaces and areas within, in accordance with the Swedish SIS standard, and the extracted floor plans with the accompanying data were published into a standardized Client’s FM database for easy access.

The last stage of this project was reserved for visualization and creation of a series of clay- rendered video clips compiled into effective visual communication material.

On behalf of SWG Nordic AB.

Sollentuna, Sweden
SWG Nordic for Sollentuna Kommunfastigheter AB
3871,5 m2
Point Cloud to BIM, Publishing to Client’s FM Database, Visualization