Gottsunda Centrum

Gottsunda centrum is a large shopping mall in Uppsala, north of Stockholm. As part of the extensive digitization effort of its owner, Uppsala Kommuns Fastighets AB, the facility was laser-scanned in a way that would not interrupt the normal daily operations and communications inside the mall, producing point cloud data that can be used for modelling in combination with the existing drawings.

Walter was assigned by SWG Nordic AB with modelling based on this data. The result was a georeferenced BIM model, created in Revit at SWG’s LOD 200. The information about various rental premises, shops and service and technical areas was entered into the model and then exported together with the floor plans into Client’s FM database for easy access.

On behalf of SWG Nordic AB


Uppsala, Sweden
SWG Nordic for Uppsala Kommuns Fastighets AB
66.000 m2
DWG and Point Cloud to BIM, publishing to FM database, Visualisation