Jansen Janisol Arte Windows

 Based on provided documentation and project descriptions, our task was to develop 9 window families with a different scheme, 3 LOD implementation and dimension constraints.

The second generation of the Janisol Arte window system now offers profiles made from stainless and Corten steel, as well as a wide range of profiles. The integrated weatherstrip groove simplifies and speeds up fabrication. A large selection of glazing beads is also available in a variety of different materials.

The wide range of opening types is ideally suited for renovation of old windows, but also for modern residential construction. With the narrowest profile face widths of only 25 or 40 mm for fixed glazing, and a basic depth of 60 mm, intricate yet stable constructions with a large proportion of glass and excellent thermal insulation can be created.

Sweden, Switzerland
BIMobject AB, Jensen AG
9 windows
BIM Content Development