Nordan 18 and 20

For real estate and housing management companies, such as Signalisten of the city of Solna in Sweden, often the greatest challenge is having a well-organized and complete archive of quality drawings and information about all their properties. Nordan 18 and 20 is a perfect example of the benefits that BIM can bring in establishing just that. 

Walter was assigned by SWG Nordic AB with modelling this large residential complex, including an underground garage. The building was modelled based on the point cloud of the main structure, facades and key areas of the building, while the rest was based on the existing drawings from the Client’s archives. 

The model was populated with information about all spaces, different types and classes of areas based on the Swedish SIS standard, contract information etc, and all the data, together with extracted floor plans, was published into a standardized Client’s FM database where it can be easily accessed, filtered, analysed and extracted for various purposes. 

On behalf of SWG Nordic AB.

Solna, Sweden
SWG Nordic for Signalisten
60.000 m2
DWG and Point Cloud to BIM, publishing to Client’s FM database