Olovslundskolan is a primary school in Bromma, Sweden, built in 1931 and recognizable by the long curved form of its main building. The school launched a renovation and extension project, which required accurate and up-to-date documentation, so the whole building and its surroundings were laser scanned. 

Walter was assigned by SWG Nordic AB with creation of an architectural georeferenced BIM model of the building, as well as the surrounding schoolyards, playgrounds and sport terrains including the vegetation, paths, equipment and accessories that belong to the school, based on the provided point clouds. 

The model was developed in Revit, at SWG’s LOD 200, and apart from all building elements in appropriate categories, it included the information about spaces and areas. 

As part of the project, after the model was completed, a clay-rendering videos of the building, its interior and surrounding exterior, were created for promotional purposes.

On behalf of SWG Nordic AB.

Bromma, Sweden
SWG Nordic for Skolfastigheter and Stockholm AB
5.700 m2 + 18.900 m2 of landscape
Point Cloud to BIM, Visualisation