Östra Kålltorp


Gothenburg, Sweden


SWG Nordic for SGS Studentbostäder


5 apartments




Östra Kålltorp

The first in the series of visualisation projects of SGS Studentbostäder’s apartments for rent was completed in the early summer of 2020, while the world was still getting used to the „new normal“, social distancing, and switching to the virtual realm.

The goal of the project was to create 3D floor plans and virtual tours for the customer’s web portal that would replace the old 2D drawings in their archive and provide a unique experience of the space, without actually being there. For this pilot project, five type apartments from a newly constructed building in Östra Kålltorp were used, with the medium level of detail for visualisation. During the course of the project, the customer was able to preview the produced material and request custom tweaks and adjustments that resulted in the final „template“ that would be used for all future projects for SGS.

The resulting virtual tours were published on SGS’s website and the best confirmation of a great job done was soon to arrive – with such easy access to the virtual tours, and the opportunity to view, measure and „feel“ space and plan its furnishing, all the apartments were rented out without a single physical viewing. In the time of a pandemic, it was a life-saver.

Virtual tours can be viewed in any browser, by clicking on a provided link or by scanning a QR code.

Here is an example of a 2-room apartment in Östra Kålltorp:

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