Sollentunahem is a real estate company that develops and manages approximately 6.000 rental apartments and approximately 400 commercial premises within the municipality of Sollentunahem. Their housing stock is located throughout the municipality and consists of a mix from the 1950s to the 2010s. In this project client needed to get better control of their own cleaning areas before upcoming procurement. For this Walter was assigned by SWG Nordic AB to create Revit based BIM models and to publish all floor plans populated with different types of information to client’s FM database.

Project was divided into two phases. Phase one, was to create BIM models, populate spaces with cleaning areas category information based on SIS standard into these models and prepare drawings for printing. In phase two, additional information was collected from client’s database again stored into BIM model and published back to client’s FM database.

On behalf of SWG Nordic AB.



Sollentuna, Sweden
SWG Nordic for Sollentunahem
675.000 m2
raster images (CAL, TIF, JPEG) and DWG to BIM, publishing to Client’s FM database