Sollentunavallen is the largest sports facility in Sollentuna municipality in Stockholm County, opened in 1969. As part of the facility there are two ice arenas, which are used by sport teams as well as local residents. The two arenas were laser scanned in summer 2019, and Walter was assigned by SWG Nordic AB with developing the point-cloud based and georeferenced BIM model, as well as communication material based on the completed and clay-rendered model of the arenas and their surroundings.

The model was developed in Revit, at SWG’s LOD 200, and apart from all building elements in appropriate categories, it included the information about spaces and areas that were then exported, together with floor plans, into Client’s FM database, while the model will serve as a base for future renovations or expansions.

On behalf of SWG Nordic AB.


Sollentuna, Sweden
SWG Nordic for Sollentuna Kommunfastigheter AB
9.900 m2
Point Cloud to BIM, publishing to FM database, Visualisation