Sorenga, Oslo

Spacemaker has developed a game-changing AI technology that helps users discover smarter ways to maximize the potential of a building site. Their product lets the user generate and explore a multitude of site proposals, sort out the best ones, and provides detailed analyses for each of them. It enables a fantastic level of insight and a collaborative workflow among architects, engineers, real estate developers, and municipalities.

Walter has signed a partnership agreement with Spacemaker in 2020 in order to provide a continuous support to them in developing BIM models (Revit, ArchiCAD, Rhino) and convert them into IFC models that are appropriate to use in Spacemaker product as well as analyzing the buildings in their product.

One of the first projects we were commissioned to do for Spacemaker was of Sorenga area in Oslo. The main emphasis was on very famous buildings: new Munch Museum and Oslo Opera, so these two buildings were developed in BIM in more detail. About 10 surrounding buildings were developed with medium resolutions, while the remaining 40 buildings were developed with low resolution.

Spacemaker AS
cca. 60 buildings
IFC to BIM model simplification to IFC