Pocitelj bridge – Corridor VC

In collaboration with the IPSA Institute, we have developed a BIM model of the longest bridge on the highway corridor VC in Bosnia and Herzegovina. IPSA was commissioned to design this bridge back in 2015 by JP Autoceste FBIH, one of the biggest public companies in the country, which is responsible for the development and maintenance of the highway network in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They developed the main design project using conventional methods and in 2018 decided to showcase their competencies for future projects that require the implementation of BIM technologies. They chose Walter as their strategic BIM partner and in a period of 2 weeks, we managed to develop a fully parametric BIM model based on their original design.

Both the bearing and span structure is assembled from parametric BIM components, the number and size of which can be changed via Global Parameters depending on their size and number, and in the line with the contractor’s building technology.

At the same time, the number, dimensions and all other properties of each segment along with the technical documentation can be scheduled and updated in the matter of seconds. The next step was creating 4D simulations to showcase the timeframe of the phases of construction, which was done using a previously developed Revit model and Autodesk Navisworks.