Postgatan 16

One of the early projects within our visualization service, the office space at Postgatan 16 in central Gothenburg, was a particularly enjoyable and creative task.

The client provided a basic Revit model with the main layout and planned demolitions, descriptions of particular existing elements in the interior that they wanted to keep, such as wall and ceiling molding, crowns, door casings, and trims, with 360 images produced by laser scanning, specifications on the maximum room capacity based on ventilation area and the general idea on the interior design style and functional zones. The rest was left to the creativity of our interior designers, with the goal to create a 3D floor plan and a virtual tour that would enable future tenants to see and feel the space and its potential online before the renovations take place.

As the project developed and the first images were produced, the client saw even more opportunity to test different layouts and change the position of walls, add new doors, etc, to help in their decision-making process in the renovation planning.

The end result was a 3D floor plan of the whole office floor, and an online virtual tour, accessible on mobile devices by scanning a QR code, all done at the SWG’s Premium Visualisation Standard.


On behalf of SWG Nordic AB.