How do we incorporate BIM?

How do we incorporate BIM?

Date: February 1, 2022 Authors: Emin Beganović, Aiša Čanić, Maja Gribajčević

We previously talked about BIM roles and essentials, now we’re focusing on the implementation of the BIM software. Switching from the conventional way of conducting AEC activities to the digital world enables us to develop an information-rich model of your facility.  

At Walter AEC we do BIM in three different categories: BIM Consulting and Engineering, BIM Modeling, and BIM Asset Development. Let us see how we incorporated BIM through our previous cases.

BIM Consulting and Engineering

Within BIM consulting and engineering, Walter AEC encompasses BIM Model Development, Project Documentation Development, QTO, Project Visualisation, and 4D Simulations. Using these for your project means choosing efficiency over inefficacy. This also enables Walter AECs engineering and design team to strategically involve themselves and ease the job of any construction with their experience in the field. Not only does this increase efficiency but it also helps the owner to avoid any unexpected issues and costs.  

“Global AEC industry may not have been fast in adopting BIM, but its benefits quickly became obvious for any type of project – design, construction, maintenance, renovation, demolition, with cost- and time-saving being the most prominent. A BIM or a digital twin of a building includes all the necessary information about its parts from various stakeholders in one place and represents a basis for any kind of analysis, clash detection and data extraction that is coordinated and reliable.” – Maja Gribajčević 

Maja Gribajčević

The Počitelj bridge case

To showcase work in the field of BIM consulting and engineering, we choose the case of Počitelj bridge – Corridor VC. Along with the client, IPSA Institute, a BIM model of the longest bridge on the highway corridor VC in Bosnia and Herzegovina was developed at Walter AEC. IPSA institute developed a model using conventional methods, and they chose Walter AEC as their strategic partner to develop a BIM model based on their initial design. 

The render of the Počitelj bridge

By incorporating BIM in a matter of seconds, the number, size, and other properties of each segment, as well as the technical documentation, may all be planned and updated. Using a previously produced Revit model and Autodesk Navisworks, the next step was to create 4D simulations to depict the timeline of the construction phases.

BIM Modeling

BIM Modeling is at the heart of any project. Usage of BIM software is widespread because of the many benefits an owner has when building a digital representation of the facility before engaging with the physical construction. Having an exact digital replica prior to construction saves time, money, reduces unnecessary work, and fully employs expert knowledge in creating an efficient design model. At Walter AEC we offer modeling from Point Cloud to BIM, from Image File to BIM, and from CAD to BIM.

“Modeling is the first, or the most obvious, step in BIM, as it represents the basis for the information that will be contained within. Even a simple BIM provides so much more to the building owner in comparison to the documentation they owned before, as it is all combined in one structured 3D database, with information that can be easily accessed, updated, added, and extracted with very little effort, and it can follow all the changes and events in the building’s lifecycle. “ – Maja Gribajčević

The Sarajevo City Hall case

Within the BIM modeling projects of Walter AEC, Sarajevo City Hall stands out as one of the symbols of the city of Sarajevo. Walter’s job was to create a BIM model of the famous Sarajevo City Hall Building using.jpg files and on-site measurements. The scope of the project was .jpg to BIM to video mapping.

Sarajevo City Hall BIM Model

With this project, we aimed to promote the key architectural structures and institutions while also introducing the idea of video mapping as a whole.

BIM Asset Development

Within Asset Development Walter AEC includes BIM Content Creation, Consulting and Best Practice Implementation, Templates, and Graphical Standards Development. The BIM components created are simple to use and are available for clients in 2D and 3D. The availability of relevant and trustworthy asset information is critical for effective asset management in the future since it aids in the decision-making, planning, and execution of asset-related activities. Whatever software you prefer (Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, etc. ), Walter AEC will work to meet your needs.

“Creation of BIM components has become an excellent marketing method for various component manufacturers – whether they are structural building elements, HVAC equipment, furniture, or any other component that will be used in design and modeling. In addition to visual representation, these smart, information-rich digital models simulate the actual behavior of the components in their context and provide the architects, designers and engineers with the information on their technical characteristics, performance, usage options, and all other relevant data.” – Maja Gribajčević

The Gazzda furniture case

One of the projects that stands out in Asset Development is for sure the Gazzda furniture project. Gazzda is one of the most famous furniture design and production companies, with specific characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. The basic characteristics of their design are the lightness of furniture that does not stand in the way of airflow, smooth appearance, and high-quality materials.

140 furniture elements were developed by Walter AEC for the client in the following formats:

  • .rfa (Autodesk Revit Family Files)
  • .gdl (Graphisoft Archicad Objects)
  • .3ds (Autodesk 3D Studio Max models)
  • .obj (Wavefront 3D Data Format)
  • .dwg (Autodesk AutoCAD Files) – 2D and 3D
  • .skp (Trimble  SketchUp Components) 
  • .dxf
  • .dae
Gazzda Furniture Content Creation

Walter AEC is living BIM. It has been our passion from the start, as we immediately recognized the benefits and opportunities of the new technology and processes in design and construction. We do our best to keep up with all the latest advancements and best practices in BIM and the AEC industry in order to provide our clients with the best possible service tailored to their needs

Additionally, if these cases make you interested more in other projects Walter AEC did, we have a whole section on our website dedicated to our cases divided into three categories that were discussed in this article which you can check out at