Engineer (Architect, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical Engineer) specialized in Allplan Drafting

General application

We are continuously searching for Engineers of different trades with engineering experience of a minimum of 5 years, good knowledge of Allplan software, and excellent knowledge of at least one world language (preferably German) to work for one of our big clients in Germany. The position can be full-time or consulting-based.


Key responsibilities

  • Modeling all elements as per design intent & construction specification (in particular based on Point Cloud)
  • Annotating model views by adding dimensions, tags, legends, schedule, etc. 
  • Controlling and adjusting technical documentation, i.e. preparing detail model for 2D shop drawings submission and site use 
  • Working in Allplan project environment
  • Making analyses when needed to produce certain parts of an AEC project
  • Assisting with project estimates in accordance with adopted standards and norms
  • Gathering and refining specification and requirements based on technical need
  • Staying updated with emerging AEC industry and technology trends and applying them into activities
  • Performing administrative tasks related to a specific position
  • Collaborating with team members and supporting them
  • Mentoring and coaching employees, sharing knowledge and skills with them
  • Participating in personal/professional workshops in order to maintain professional knowledge and behaviour


  • Bachelor’s degree or Master degree in architecture, structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering
  • At least 5 years of experience in AEC practice
  • At least 2 years of working experience in Allplan
  • Proven level of work independency in Allplan project environment standardized by LOD 300 and higher
  • Excellent knowledge of German language (knowledge of any other language, for example English language will be considered as an asset.)

If you have any difficulties with our automated registration form, feel free to send your CV and portfolio directly via